Chad Trull


Chad Trull is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of HighFive Dental. Chad is responsible for the company’s overall growth and strategic direction.

Founder and prior CEO of Hospicelink, Chad served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board from December 2011 to January 2018. During that time he completed a transaction selling a majority interest of Hospcielink to Blue Wolf Capital, a New York based Private Equity firm. Under his strategic direction, the company earned Inc. 5000 recognition as one of Americas’ fastest growing private companies in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with over $250M in annual revenues.

He and a partner purchased the majority of Affinity Hospice in 2016. In November, 2018 they sold the company to a private equity firm in Miami with +500M under management. The return on the investment provided a 27X return to investors within 36 months.

From 2008 to 2012 he served as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Independent Medical Equipment which was Alabama’s largest DME company when he sold the business in 2012.

Chad started his career in finance and accounting at Deloitte, where he practiced tax advisory services. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Samford University.

Chad is a two-time nominee for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2016, 2018) and recently won the award after being a finalist in 2018.

Chad has been a leader in moving startups forward for several years, leveraging his experience and relationships to create sustainable value for his partners and shareholders.

Stacy Taylor


“I’m an optimistic problem solver at heart. I like tackling difficult problems and finding elegant solutions that add long term value to a company. ”

"I have over 15 years of experience slogging through a firestorm of healthcare innovation working at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. I am confident that dentists are a natural physician extender for managed care programs and represent a crucial part of the health and wellness. Together, we can change how insurers see dentistry and fully realize the advantages of the push for preventative care in the healthcare industry."

"Working with me is always fun and energetic. I think it’s because I love solving complex problems with a group of talented people or… it might be the seven cups of coffee I had on the way to work."

"Even on the weekends, I stay focused on health and wellness by hosting a bodacious champagne yoga class at my house or bicycling between the local breweries."

John Bell


“I love the camaraderie of being on a team that tackles challenges and finds ways to win.”

John has 18 years of experience in private equity and PE-owned portfolio companies, including financial roles as CFO and Principal, and broader experience as CEO.

"I’ve worked with a lot of industries as part of my private equity background. The more time I spend in this industry, the more I like it. It is so easy to bring compelling innovation to a practice that improves the bottom line and improves patient care. A business where you can make money and improve people’s health? Sign me up!"

"I’m the quiet one in the office and you will likely find me escaping to meditate with Excel or QuickBooks."

Married with four kids, John enjoys 5 a.m. workouts, spending time with his kids and Auburn football.

"I’m motivated by coaching and helping others so they can be their best."

Ashley O'Brien

Director of Operations

“People are what matter most in business. I continually seek opportunities to build relationships and collaborate, ensuring internal and external customers feel like VIPs.”

Ashley is an experienced operations professional with a demonstrated history of working in the health care industry. She's skilled in communication, leadership, and consulting with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Management.

"I started out my career trying to enjoy the yawning days of the corporate environment. I interviewed about 10 times with Chad while he was building another startup, Hospicelink and finally he smarted up and hired me. I then hit the ground running eventually managing a national account that was over $20M in annual spend. Once the startup world got in my blood I hitched up with the team to come start HighFive."

"I love applying technology to problems and helping move the needle everyday for the good of the team. Challenge me and I will show you how to fly! Lets get to work and High Five!"

"I have a husband named Mike that keeps me cool and two dogs (Lola & Zeus) that are almost as spoiled as Teddy."

Christy King

Executive Administrator

“It’s important for someone to stay focused on all the little things, or the bigger things will never get done.”

Christy has multi-pronged experience in all aspects of administration including social media, finance, HR and facility management for multiple companies experiencing rapid growth. She understands the business and has been involved in all aspects of building of companies across the country while working with Chad.

"I seem to find myself attracted to companies experiencing rapid growth. I am a jack of all trades and have experience with HR, facility management and healthcare.

"My cat Dior and my dog Dolce compete with Taco Bell as the love of my life."

"I enjoy the rapid pace of start-ups and working with such a dynamic team."

Melvin Oakley, MD

Board Member

“Invest in great people with great ideas and a successful business will follow.”

Dr. Oakley received his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Oakley was an original investor in Hospicelink and has been a trusted advisor to multiple healthcare companies.

"I enjoy contributing to the creation of honest passion and growth."


Chief Greeting Officer

I am an expert at chasing squirrels. I’ve never actually caught one, but that’s only because I need more exercise. I could catch them if I wanted to. I have over a year’s experience being petted by many people. I advise head scratches followed by a nice backrub when I come to greet you. I will be sniffing for all pets you may have at home to make sure they are not evil. You’re welcome. I am the Minister of Smiles. I make sure everybody stays happy and grounded.

P.S. I’ll clean your teeth if you want me to. I think I would be really good at it and your breath smells really, really interesting.