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You didn’t go into dentistry

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You are here to make a difference in the lives of your patients. Billing issues, equipment maintenance, HIPAA compliance, websites and marketing for new patients are all distractions to what you do best. All those boring monotonous things you hate? We love them. Our experienced team of healthcare managers have spent over 20 years successfully growing businesses. Find out how you can leverage our experience to grow the success of your practice and maybe even take a vacation or two.

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Five Disadvantages of Being an
Independent Practice

Administrative Responsibility

Without ample support, administrative responsibilities are the primary road-block to practicing for dentists.

No Coverage During Illness

Lacking a full team of qualified dentists, a single sick day can close an office entirely.

Initial Setup cost

The ever-growing cost of setting up and maintaining a practice leaves few avenues for new dentists while existing practices are straining.

Poor Billing

Turning to manual or non-custom billing solutions often proves to be detrimental to efficient collection of accounts receivable.

Reimbursement Rates

Being an independent practice makes it difficult to offer attractive rates to big industry players.

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